Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive support during the hcg 1234  diet?

Yes, our courteous and well-trained hcg 1234 diet support staff is totally dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and we are standing by 24/7. Please call 877-744-1224 or email us at [email protected]

Why doesn’t hcg 1234 promise I will lose at least 1 pound per day like every other diet site states?

Hundreds of thousands of our hcg 1234 customers testify to reaching and keeping their ideal weight. However, results vary from person to person. We have been in business longer than most other diet supplement companies and we intend on being in business much longer. so we are very transparent about our product and service. We have seen hundreds of companies come and go over the years, we will be here for years to come.

Are there discounts for ordering more hcg 1234 Drops?

Yes, and we are always running a special so hcg 1234 Drops is affordable for everyone.

Are you the 1st diet company to introduce a 1200 dietary calorie blend?

Yes, we are. We have a potent blend and a great support staff that can assist dieters achieve their goals even on a 1200 calorie diet.

Why is your hcg 1234 diet supplement better than the diet products from your competition?

  1. hcg 1234 Drops diet support is unlimited and our staff is well trained, just call 877-744-1224 to find out.
  2. Creative Bioscience products are made in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities in the USA.
  3. hcg 1234 is the best diet supporting product available on the market today.

Will I receive any literature with my hcg 1234 order?

Yes, we include a hcg 1234 Diet Drops diet guide that is very easy to use along with progress charts, recipes and access to every page of our website free of charge.

How much is hcg 1234 support if I need ongoing help?

hcg 1234 support is free no matter how many times you contact us, or we contact you. We are very happy to assist anyone using the diet even if you are using a competitor’s product. Our live agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have right now.

How long will one bottle last?

One bottle is enough for a 3-week protocol, but not more than 4 weeks.

What other products can be combined with the drops?

All products can be used with the drops and protocol, but we don’t recommend taking more than a total of 3 products at one time. Monitor your weight loss, as additional products can slow/stall weight loss for certain people.

What is the difference between hCG 1234 and 1234 Diet Drops?

hCG 1234 and 1234 Diet Drops have the exact same formula and follow the same protocol and diet. The difference in the name is to accommodate online retailers that no longer allow any product on their website with “hcg” in the name. The name change allows for us to continue selling on those sites.

Will the product interfere with medical conditions and/or medications?

As with any supplement, please check with your doctor for specifics unique to your situation. While we haven’t had any adverse reactions reported from people using our products, your condition is unique to you and particularly when you are taking medications, there is just no way to know how they will interact with our products without asking your healthcare provider. The product ingredients are listed on the website along with their intended functions, but we can’t tell you what effect they will have on your condition and/or any medications you are taking. Please review the ingredients with your doctor for any specific concerns regarding your personal situation.

Does the product expire?

Opened product is good for about 6 months, and unopened product is good for about 2-1/2 years with proper storage. Keep tightly sealed in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight; no refrigeration is needed, but you can keep the product in the refrigerator if you wish.

Can I just take the day’s dose all at once?

It’s not advisable to take the 3 daily doses all at once, since it doesn’t provide the best appetite control when you do so. It’s better to take the product as indicated for the best results.

How can I make sure I get the right amount of drops?

You can watch in a mirror as the individual drops fall under your tongue or place the drops into a spoon and then place them under your tongue.

Why can’t I just follow a diet of my own?

The diet needs to be followed to see weight loss on this protocol, since it’s been extensively tested to provide weight loss only when the product is taken, and the outlined diet is followed. Eating no starch, no sugar and no fat is essential to success, along with ONLY eating the items in the Allowed Foods List while taking this product.

Why take this product, what does it do? Wouldn’t I lose weight anyway if I only ate minimal calories?

The diet drops are designed to signal the body to metabolize the fat “stores” to be released and burned for energy. In a “starvation diet” (ONLY eating very minimal calories) your body would burn the quickest and easiest source of energy it can get to after burning what you’ve eaten for energy—the glucose stored in your muscles as glycogen.
This product makes the stored fat easier for the body to burn for fuel while giving you some sustenance with minimal calories so you’re not “starving” and your body is still “fed”. The reason for the “no oils/fats, no carbs/starches and no sugars” part of this strategy is that it removes these easy fuel sources from your diet, leaving only the metabolized fat available for fuel.
Without taking the product, extreme hunger would make it impossible to do the minimal calorie diet. The product is designed to fill the gap made by the reduced calorie diet to keep your body from believing it’s starving, so it still releases the weight.

Will the product show “positive” on a pregnancy test?

Our product does NOT contain the active hormone, only amino acids and supplements, so there will be no positive reading on a pregnancy test since no hormone, or synthetic hormone substitute, is present.

Will the product show up on a drug screening?

No, the product contains only amino acids and natural supplements, so it’s not going to show up on a drug screening or pregnancy test.

What should I do if I forget the drops before eating?

You can take the drops 30 minutes after you’ve finished eating, but this is not the optimal way to take the product for the best results. You can also wait until your next dose and double it, unless it’s the last dose of the day, and then it’s better to take it after eating.

I haven’t gone to the bathroom in a while. What can I do/take for it?

With this diet program you really aren’t eating enough food to create the “bulk” needed to produce a regular bowel movement. The length of time it takes your digestive system to process what you’ve eaten will determine the frequency of your bowel movements on this program; sometimes you might only have one every 3-4 days. Most people interpret this as constipation, and it might not be. If you feel you wish to take something we recommend Smooth Move Tea as it works the best; you’re also free to incorporate some Benefiber but using this too much could slow/stall your weight loss. Be sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Should I take the product while on my monthly cycle?

Using the drops during menstruation is perfectly fine with the new amino acid formulation…there is not a problem. Since hunger during menstruation without the product is a real concern you are free to continue taking the drops for appetite control. Please just be aware that water weight might be a factor for up to a week before or after your cycle and could offset your weight loss.

Does the product interfere with my monthly cycle?

No, the product contains only amino acids and natural supplements, so it’s not really going to cause a problem with your cycle. It’s mostly the diet that some women have a problem with—the very low calories and no fat causes some women to have interrupted cycles. This is resolved upon ceasing the product and diet.

Does this product reset my metabolism/hypothalamus/thyroid?

No, the product doesn’t permanently alter your body; it only works while it’s being used to signal the body to burn fat for fuel instead of muscle while eating the very low-calorie diet. Learning how to eat a “healthy” diet in general is what will make the weight loss permanent. The goal isn’t yo-yo dieting, it’s lasting lifestyle change.

Is there real hcg in your product?

Our product is now amino acid based…it’s a proprietary formula of L-Arginine, Beta Alanine, L Carnitine, L-Glutamine, L-Ornithine, Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus, Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii), Rhodiola Extract (from Rhodiola rosea Root), Purified Water, USP Grain Alcohol, and Kosher Glycerin. USP Corn Grain Alcohol, and Glycerin.

Loading Days:

Do I have to do the Loading Days?

Yes. They provide “fuel” for the product to begin working in the system and allow for enough time for it to build up to the proper level in the body, so you can drop down to the low-calorie diet and see weight loss.

Do I take the drops on the loading days?

Yes, the drops are to be taken on the loading days.

What foods should I eat on the loading days?

Good loading items are pork products, full-fat dairy, nuts, peanut butter, avocados, fried foods, etc. Loading with mostly carbs and sugars isn’t beneficial and will cause problems early in the program with hunger, headaches and so on.

Do I have to do the Loading Days when I restart the diet?

Yes, you do the Loading Days every time you restart the diet.

How long can I do the diet? Can I keep going until I’ve lost all my weight?

You can only be on the diet phase for a total of 6 weeks before you need to take a “break” to do 3 weeks of Phase 3 – Stabilization. You can then do another diet round starting with the loading days again: Phase 1 (Loading) – Phase 2 (Diet) – Phase 3 (Stabilization). After doing these “rounds” about 3-4 times, make Phase 3 – Stabilization the full 6 weeks for the remainder of the time until you have lost all your weight.

How do you know if you should be on 500, 800, 1200 or 1500 calories?

Activity level determines caloric intake: more active = more calories, less active = fewer calories. If there isn’t enough exercise for the calories being eaten there will be no weight loss, but if you’re eating too few calories for your activity level then you will be starving your body and it won’t release any weight.

Where is the diet information? Do you have sample menus, recipes, and charts?

All the information for the diet (allowed foods, portions, and calories), sample menus, recipes and charts are on our website under the “About Us” tab and then “1234 Diet Protocol”.

Where can I find the Vegetarian and/or Vegan options?

Vegetarian options are on our website under the “About Us” tab and then “1234 Diet Protocol”. There are a few vegetarian options that anyone can use listed in the diet information (they do provide slower weight loss) and Vegan protein options (that anyone can use as well) are available when emailing our Support Department: [email protected]

Are there any other drinks on the diet beside water, coffee & tea?

Mineral/Sparkling Water is also allowed, and you can add flavored Stevia to mimic soda. Also, 1 bottle of Powerade Zero per day can be used if experiencing leg cramps or other signs of electrolyte imbalance, (use sparingly).

Will I lose weight every day?

There are thousands of variables that play into not losing weight consistently, so you might not always lose weight every day. It’s important to keep up with accurate measurements of your body, since you might see inches lost and not always pounds lost.

What do I do if I’m hungry on the diet?

You can increase your protein serving (making sure you’re having at least 50% of your calories from protein), incorporate 2 cups of broth daily (no sugar in the ingredients) and/or 1 package of Shiritaki Miracle Noodles (made with mushrooms not tofu) to help you feel full. Green Tea is also good for help with hunger as well as metabolism.

Can I still take all my vitamins/supplements?

We only recommend taking a multivitamin on the program, as higher doses of individual vitamins and/or supplements tend to slow/stall weight loss.

Can I have a protein shake or bar for a meal?

There are no protein shakes or bars on the diet because the source of the protein is not acceptable for the diet and won’t provide the best weight loss. Also, most of these contain the wrong type of sweeteners. There is no way to accurately measure the proper amount of protein you’re getting when you use these types of things.

Why can’t I mix vegetables?

The purpose behind not mixing vegetables is for ease of digestion. The body can more easily lose the weight if you have just one vegetable per serving…but the diet does contain instructions for a “salad”.

Why aren’t healthy foods like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, etc. on the diet?

Our diet more closely follows the “original” hcg protocol rather than the hundreds of other variations out there. The foods on the diet have been extensively tested to provide the best results for everyone doing the program. Eating “off plan” will not provide the results.

What is an Apple Day? When and how do I do one?

If you have stalled for four days or gained two pounds, you can try an Apple Day: just 6 apples all day long and continue taking the drops while drinking only minimal water, then resume the diet the following day. This usually “jump-starts” the weight loss again. Be cautious with doing this too much—it becomes less effective the more you do it.

How many times can I do Apple Days?

They should be done sparingly, as their effectiveness decreases the more often they’re done. Have at least 5-7 days between Apple Days.

What do I eat when I go out or travel?

You do still need to follow the diet and the basic “rules” of the protocol: no oils, starches or sugars, and do your best to stick with the items on the Allowed Foods List. The best selections would be a salad with only the allowable dressings, broth-based soups, grilled or poached meat, chicken or fish (no butter or oil used on them) and steamed vegetables (no butter on them). Many restaurants now have hcg-diet-friendly selections and asking for your food to be prepared without any oils or butter and dressings/sauce on the side is best.