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hCG Diet and Support Instructional Videos

These hCG diet support videos were created to help you with questions pertaining to the hCG diet. If you have suggestions for additional videos, please contact us at support@hcg1234.com.

Creative Bioscience® | hCG1234® Diet?

We want to be there for you during your hCG Diet adventure, and we realize that weight loss is a great accomplishment. Our staff of certified hCG Diet Support Specialists are constantly working to improve their skills and knowledge so that they can assist you in your weight loss goals. We know hCG Diet drops work, because we have spoken personally with dieters from all over the world who share their hCG Diet experience with us.

What Foods Are Allowed on the hCG 1234® Diet?

During the low-calorie portion of the hCG 1234® Diet, you need to choose carefully what you eat in order to have maximum weight loss. Continue taking the suggested drops of the hCG 1234® Diet Support in the morning, 30 minutes before lunch, and 30 minutes before dinner. Stay within the allowed food list and follow Dr. Simeons' Protocol. For example, your lunch might include 3 ½ oz. of protein such as meat (no pork); a vegetable such as a whole cucumber or half a cabbage, usually about 2 cups; and a piece of Melba toast of a stick of grissini. Just as long as you're getting 2 servings of protein, veggies, fruit, and bread, you can space these servings throughout the day as you want. That means that if you feel like an apple for breakfast, then during the rest of the day you may only eat one more fruit for a total of two servings.

Drink as much coffee, and tea, and water (including sparkling water/ Pellegrino/Perrier, and distilled) as you want, consuming at least 2 liters each day. Sweeteners are fine, but only Stevia and saccharin! No aspartame. Spices and seasonings are also allowed on the hCG 1234® Diet, but use them in moderation and read the label to make sure they don't have sugar in them.

Feel satisfied and energized on your hCG diet | hCG Energy™.

Dieting can be hard work at times! We know. Although most people report having plenty of strength and vitality during the hCG 1234® Diet to complete their daily tasks and recreation, some have reported that at times they could use a little extra help with cravings and their energy level. To satisfy this demand, our Creative Bioscience professionals have researched the body chemistry and nutrition issues specific to hCG Dieters, and formulated a remarkable new weight loss product called hCGZero Energy. We at Creative Bioscience are quite proud of this important supplement to the hCG1234® Diet drops, and have seen over and over how it helps our customers complete their hCG 1234®Diet and realize their weight loss dreams.
Purchase hCG Energy™ directly from the manufacturer at Creative Bioscience®

Getting the Most out of Your hCG Diet with hCG Cleanse™.

hCG Cleanse is a great way to begin your hCG 1234® Diet for maximum weight loss. It rids your body of toxins and plaques that have built up in your system over time, allowing you to make the best use of the foods you eat and obtain efficient nutrition from the healthy foods you will be eating. The hCG Cleanse can also be taken during the low-calorie part of the hCG Diet, Phase Two, to help you feel energized and remain regular.

Is There an hCG Affiliate Program?

You have enjoyed great results in your weight loss program using hCG 1234® Diet Support products from Creative Bioscience®, and now you look and feel great! Naturally, you want to tell everyone. Congratulations! Are there rewards to you for sharing the good news and helping your friends, family, and coworkers find the same wonderful results? Yes. We owe our success as the most trusted and recognized brand of hCG weight loss products to you, so please contact us about our Reward Program at (877) 744-1224.

How to Buy Wholesale Through Creative Bioscience®.

Because our hCG 1234® Diet product is so fantastic, we enjoy a superior reputation in weight loss clinics, pharmacies, chiropractic clinics, physicians' offices, health food stores, and grocery chains worldwide. Equally important, our merchandizing and service commitment are unbeatable. Upon purchasing our product through you, your customers are assured of constant and continuing hCG 1234® Diet Support through our staff of trained specialists. For information wholesale purchases of hCG 1234® Diet drops and other weight loss products, contact us at (877) 744-1224..

The hCG1234® Shipping facility.

Due to the unprecedented amount of customers purchasing our hCG Diet Support weight loss products in the past year, we have had to expand both our warehouse and shipping facility and staff to accommodate the ever-growing demand for our product. We are committed not only to offering the finest hCG Products possible, but also to continuing our tradition of ensuring customer satisfaction by maintaining adequate supplies of hCG Diet Products on hand, and our state-of-the-art shipping facility makes that possible so that we can provide our customers with timely shipments and help them get started with their hCG Diet right away.

hCG 1234 Contests and hCG Support Groups.

Just as humans are social eaters who tend to eat more when eating together, we also do better with weight loss programs that involve dieting with others. Our hCG Diet Support team has found that our hCG Products are highly successful when we are part of a group of family, friends, or co-workers who are also excited about their hCG Diet! There are hCG Diet programs happening all over the world, so if you wish to join or start a local group, please call our hCG Diet Information and Support help line at 877-744-1224.

Join the Creative Bioscience® team.

Join the exciting and rewarding team at Creative Bioscience® and share our success. We are committed to ongoing hCG Diet Support, providing 24-hour hCG Diet weight loss help to dieters, and offering the highest quality hCG Diet Products possible. Creative Bioscience® is one of the fastest-growing companies in America, and we invite you to be a part of our dynamic organization. If you are passionate about helping overweight people shed pounds through this dynamic weight loss technology so they can become as fit, trim, and healthy as they can possibly be, send your resume to: support@hcg1234.com and be considered for positions in our Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Houston offices. You can also call us at (877) 744-1224.

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