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How to Take the hCG Drops

Our mission is to find weight loss solutions and conquer obesity. The hCG diet is not difficult, but initially some dieters are hesitant to begin because they don't know how to take the hCG 1234® diet drops. Actually it is simple, quick and easy to take hCG 1234® for weight loss. If you want the rapid weight loss you've seen others achieve on the hCG diet, there are instructions on how to take the hCG 1234® drops on the bottle, on the package, in the instruction booklet, and online.

Basically, you use the dropper to squeeze ten (10) drops under your tongue half an hour before your meals, or three (3) times each day for a total of thirty (30) drops. Each time you hold the drops for 60 seconds then swallow any remaining liquid. If you want to speak with an expert about how to take the hCG 1234® drops before you begin your hCG weight loss program, call our diet support staff at 877.744.1224. They will be happy to walk you through taking the drops so you'll be comfortable. We want you to have the safest, quickest, most pleasant hCG diet experience possible, and we know the hCG diet can work wonders for you.