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Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons was a famous British endocrinologist who studied obesity and pioneered the use of hCG diet protocol to treat people suffering from the problem of being overweight. He thought of excess fat on a person in terms of a reversible, treatable physical ailment, not as a social stigma or a sign of weakness. His hCG Diet Protocol is the result of his clinical studies over decades in India and Europe. Today this same Protocol is helping thousands of dieters lose unwanted fat and reset their metabolism so they can retain a healthy weight after the hcg 1234® Diet is completed.

Simply put, Dr. Simeons' famous hCG Protocol is a program of eating healthy foods—proteins, vegetables, bread, and fruit—in carefully designed portions throughout the day that a person eats. The body would not have sufficient energy to meet its needs on just the food alone, as the calories amount to just 500 per day so we recommend using hcg 1234® Diet Drops from Creative Bioscience. That is part of the unique strategy of the hcg 1234® Protocol: the body sees there is a calorie deficit, and makes up for it by using adipose (lipid fat storage) tissue you are quite anxious and willing to get rid of anyway. The hcg 1234® Diet Drops help to smooth the process so you aren't irritable and miserable as you would be otherwise. This is truly a remarkable gift science and hard work have given to dieters everywhere. We encourage you to experience it for yourself today. How much weight do you want to lose? We can help!