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hCG Phase 3

Doing Phase 3 properly is essential to reaching Phase 4, Maintenance, where you enjoy ongoing health and eat a variety of foods. Now that you've lost the weight and reached your goal, you want to keep your new body. Without Phase 3: Stabilize, Phase 2 will be worthless because you will gain the weight right back. In Stabilization Phase you start to eat a wider variety of foods. You have to add each new food carefully and slowly to see how your body reacts. Your system will still be sensitive from eating the healthy foods from Phase 2, so you have to keep avoiding sugars and starches for 3 more weeks.

Congratulations on your progress and hard work on the hcg 1234® diet! You deserve the best body you can have. Slowly start incorporating dairy, nuts, oils, etc. into your daily meals, but still stay away from sugary fruits like mangoes and bananas. Also, you must not eat starchy foods like potatoes and breads yet. That will come soon in Phase 4; be patient a little while longer.

Keep weighing yourself each morning and recording your weight, and if you notice a weight gain of 2 pounds or more in Phase 3 immediately do a steak day. A steak day is where you have only water all day, a juicy steak for dinner (cooked without oil), then either an apple or tomato later on. This should put you back on track. In fact, a Steak Day is an effective weight management strategy for Phase 4, so learn it well. During Phase 3 listen to your body and learn to eat foods that help you feel good, and keep as active as you can. Don't give in to temptation in social eating situations or when you have late-night cravings, and remember to keep drinking plenty of water.