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The original idea of hCG for fat loss belongs to Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. While living in India, he observed how pregnant mothers gave birth to healthy infants even when they themselves suffered nutritionally, and began to study hCG as not only the reason for babies' ability to use their mothers' stored fat while developing, but as a biological mechanism for obese adults to lose fat safely, quickly, and without the discomfort of a radical diet.

Today hCG1234® for fat loss by Creative Bioscience™ is wildly popular because of its success. Countless dieters testify that hCG1234® helped them lose weight where other diets could not. This word-of-mouth advertising spread the fame of hCG1234® for fat loss so that almost everyone knows somebody who use done the hCG diet. With the rising trend towards obesity that some experts call an epidemic because of the health risks associated with being overweight, an innovative weight loss solution like the hCG1234® drops is certainly welcome and badly needed. Try hCG1234® to lose weight, and you will soon have your own testimonial to add to the other satisfied dieters' words.