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hcg support
Money Back Guarantee

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Requirements:

  1. Based on minimum purchase of 1 bottle of hCG1234® (30+ day supply) and at minimum, the shortest recommended protocol from Phase 1 (2 days) to Phase 2 (18 day Low Calorie Diet) and Phase 3 (at least 10 of recommended 21 days). This is a total minimum of 30 days following the protocol.
  2. Customer must provide a complete detailed 30-Day journal of foods, drinks, cosmetics, and activities that were used during the 30 days of following the protocol.
  3. Customer must send any additional unwanted bottles back at customer cost.
  4. Customer must have documentation of contact with our toll-free customer support at 877-744-1224 a minimum of 3 times for diet protocol or product support before the end of the 30 days. Documentation should include recommendations followed in the journal in Section 2.
  5. Customer must follow hCG1234® Diet Protocol in regards to allowed foods and length of time on drops/maintenance as mentioned in Section 1. Those instructions can be found here: http://www.hcg1234.com/instructions.php
  6. 6. If refund is not requested within 90 days of purchase customer forfeits their right to get a refund.