Check Out Your Local Farmers Market!

Check Out Your Local Farmers Market!

Farmers markets are a fun way to spend a weekend morning and can also be a great place to purchase inexpensive produce

Raspberry Ketone 1234™

Raspberry Ketone 1234™

Scientists and nutritionists believe that Raspberry Ketones help regulate the fat-moderating hormone adiponectin.

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Thanksgiving Tips for Your Diet

Here are some suggestions for what dieters can have (in moderation, of course) and what should be avoided for Thanksgiving meal:

-          Turkey:  This is fine in moderation but the skin must be removed and no gravy; also, it’s important to make sure there isn’t too much oil and/or butter on the meat itself (basting the skin still allows the oil/butter to reach the meat).

-          Green Beans:  With onions is fine but NOT the French fried onions, no cream sauce, oils or butter and only a few slivered almonds on top is ok.

-          Corn:    A little bit is okay but NOT with any butter and NOT creamed corn. (ok to “steam” a bit in the microwave in some water with some garlic powder or a seasoning of your choice)

-          Yams:  VERY little is okay but NOT with any butter and NOT with marshmallows (you can “steam” a few slices in the microwave).

-          Cranberry Sauce:  This is tricky….the canned cranberry sauce/jelly is NOT okay…too much sugar…but “fresh” cranberry sauce is okay in a small amount.  Here is a recipe for an “hcg-friendly” sauce:

  • 1 cup fresh cranberries
  • The juice of 1 orange
  • Stevia or Sweet’n’Low to taste

(mix all together and microwave for 3-4 minutes until the cranberries “pop”; doing additional time of 30 seconds until they do, if needed.)

-          Stuffing:  This is a problem and should be avoided…most are heavy breads but if someone is having a seafood stuffing with little to no bread then a very little bit is ok.

-          Pie:  A general “NO” is best on this one….pumpkin pie is probably the LEAST damaging, but ONLY the pumpkin filling itself, NOT the crust and certainly no whipped cream.  A big NO to any fruit pies, minced meat and especially pecan pie…WAY too much sugar.

-          Misc.:  And of course all of the “extras” are a NO as well…no rolls, no butter, no alcohol/cider/etc., no soda, etc….it’s not going to be easy but loading up on the turkey and veggies is the best bet.

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Does Organic Equal Better?

New research shows that eating pricey organic foods may not necessarily make you healthier.  Studies that compared organic milk, meats, eggs, and produce to non-organic foods found that organic foods did not appear to have more vitamins or nutrients than non-organic.

Organic food was 30% less likely to have pesticides than non-organic food.  But the FDA limits the amount of pesticides used in non-organic food and not all organic food was found to be 100% pesticide free.  Read More »


Soup Recipes for hCG Dieters

Fall is in the air and that puts me in the mood for soup!

For convenience make a large batch of soup and measure into single serve portions for quick and easy meals for later. Most soups can be frozen for up to three months. And because of their high liquid content soups are very filling and satisfying. Read More »

Creative Bioscience Dietary Supplements

African Mango Weight Management Products

Creative Bioscience offers three African Mango Weight Management Products: African Mango 1200™, African Mango Lean™, and African Mango Cleanse™. Which African Mango product is right for you? Read More »

In The News

One More Reason to Lose Those Extra Pounds: Decreased Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence and Death

According to an article published on, studies have tied obesity to a higher chance of getting breast cancer – and worse outcomes in women who have already been diagnosed.


Published August 27, 2012 / Reuters

Among women who have been treated for breast cancer, heavier women are more likely to have their disease come back and more likely to die of cancer, according to a new study. Read More »

In The News

Health Watch: How to Protect Yourself From the West Nile Virus

On August 22 WebMD reported, “West Nile virus now has killed 47 people and infected an estimated 95,000 in 38 states in what is almost certain to be the worst West Nile outbreak since the virus hit the U.S. in 1999.”

“The peak of West Nile virus epidemics usually occurs in mid-August, but it takes a couple of weeks for people to get sick, go to the doctor and get reported,” said Dr. Lyle Petersen, the director of the CDC’s Vector-Borne Infectious Disease Division. “Thus we expect many more cases to occur.” Read More »

hCG drops

hCG 1234 Diet Drops Customer Reviews

Are you looking into the hCG diet?  There are several companies that offer hCG diet drops.  Make sure you choose a company that stands behind the quality of its product and provides customers with excellent diet support anytime they may have a question or concern! Read More »

Exercise... It Keeps You Going!

Music as Motivation!

Not everyone enjoys exercise but most people feel inspired when they hear their favorite song!  Music with a regular beat helps keep you engaged and active throughout your workout session. Read More »

Dieting Tips

9 Bad Habits That Make You Fat

This article by Jennifer Cohen, Contributor, lists some bad eating habits to avoid.  Follow these along with the hCG 1234 diet recommendations and you will be on your way to better health!

When you’re working long hours on the computer, running from one business lunch to the next and traveling nonstop, your diet and fitness goals sometimes get derailed in ways you don’t even think about. By running from one event to another and having days packed with meetings you may be unintentionally harming your health and keeping on extra weight. Here are 9 ways you may be sabotaging yourself without even realizing it. Read More »


How Do I Choose the Creative Bioscience Diet Product that is Right for Me?

Creative Bioscience combines research, innovation, and technology to offer safe and effective diet support products. Our focus is safety, satisfaction and quality assurance. Our products are manufactured in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities in the United States.  The following list contains some of the diet support products we offer. Go to to order or for more information. To speak with a weight loss specialist today call 877.744.1224 or email Read More »

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